Awards and Testimonials

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At the forefront of Wilson Greenlight’s mission is service to the community. This mission driven leadership has been recognized nationally and led to the City of Wilson, Greenlight and its staff to receiving numerous awards over the years. These awards include:

2012: Southeast Association of Telecommunications Officers & Advisors Community Broadband Advocacy Award to the City of Wilson

2014: Vollis Simpson Trailblazer Business of the Year Award to Wilson Greenlight

2016:  CLIC National Leadership Award, for the City's exemplary and visionary leadership in bringing advanced fiber network capabilities to its local businesses, institutions, residents and neighboring communities.

2017:  Broadband Communities Cornerstone Award, to Greenlight, for forging new paths for community fiber networks.

2018: Coalition for Local Internet Choice Local Champion award, to Greenlight's General Manager for his unwavering local, regional and state leadership in advocating for 21st century jobs and application made accessible through modern broadband infrastructure.

2019: Coalition for Local Internet Choice Vanguard Innovator award, to the City of Wilson & Greenlight for establishing an Innovation Hub for its region.

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"What's exciting to me about working in a place like Wilson is that the people here get it. They know there is an underlying infrastructure that creates opportunity." Tom Snyder, Executive Director, NC RIoT





"We're really excited to be here. We're really excited that Wilson had the wherewithal to put fiber to the premise in place and attract businesses like us to this community."  Krystine Hadley,new (large) on-line Wilson business owner




" It's been very beneficial for me in real estate to sell houses because the clients love the fast speed of their internet."  

--Johnna Dorough, Wilson resident and real-estate agent.




“High speed internet is a must-have.  If you are going to run a business, if you're going to be successful you've got to have high speed internet. The factory that we took over, it had already a Greenlight connection right in there, so we had high speed internet from day one."

--Jon Rennie, President & CEO-Peak Demand.



"That's one thing Wilson can offer is the speed of information and that is a huge advantage for the citizens of Wilson and for the people who want to come to Wilson and businesses that should want to come to Wilson." 

--Rhyan Breen, Wilson resident




“Wilson … they really have some people that are forward-thinking in terms of automation, or in a remote management way… “You have to have that in the leaders of your municipality. Wilson is rare in that they want to build that. We go to them with all of our ideas.”

-Brad Hine, Produce Director of analytics and GIS solutions, ETI Solutions






Wilson is our priority. We are here to serve the businesses, the residents, and the institutions of this community."

--Will Aycock, General Manager, Greenlight Community Broadband





"Greenlight plays a pivotal role in providing quality educational services at The SPOT.  Nearly all of our SPOT children have public school issued Chromebook computers to which the SPOT adds IPADs, and Kindles. These devices are used to access Google Classroom learning tools like Khan Academy, Engenuity, and Prodigy and for streaming online video content on HD displays in the classroom. Using this many devices would simply not be possible without Greenlight.  Jeff Fox, Volunteer and IT Director, SPOT.