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Community-Owned Fiber Network

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Community-Owned Fiber Network

Greenlight is North Carolina’s first community-owned, symmetrical gigabit, fiber-to-the home-network. Greenlight is the result of two decades of planning, designing, and deploying broadband infrastructure to ensure Wilson’s connection to the digital economy. Throughout its development, Greenlight's guiding principles have remained: supporting the economic health of the community, improving the delivery of city services, and enhancing the quality of life for the citizens of Wilson.


Greenlight passes every home and business in the City of Wilson with its fiber network. As of January 2019, Greenlight proudly serves more than 10,000 customers in Wilson. Network construction continues to spread deeper into Wilson County.


As a community-owned network, Greenlight's employees live and work in the Wilson community. If you ever need to call for support, you will hear a local voice on the line. And because we are locally owned, your dollars stay in the community, for a ripple effect throughout our local economy. By being a Greenlight subscriber, you support your local community.