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Public Wifi

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The farthest reaching community inclusion program operated by Greenlight is its free public Wifi service. Greenlight offers ubiquitous wifi in the downtown, at the Amtrak train station, and at its Gillette Athletic Complex, including at the Southern Bank Stadium.

When residents hop off the Amtrak train, they can hop onto Greenlight's free public wifi as they walk through downtown, while enjoying the Whirligig Park, and even while standing outside and enjoying the wares of the new local microbrewery. 

There are few things that bring people together more than sports. Outdoor sports engagements now depend heavily on accessing high speed internet, from video streaming games on the field to keeping baseball scores.


Dawn Pettway


 "I think people enjoy it .They are able to share it with their loved ones, because of the technology that is out here they can actually help people who are not here be able to see their children play." (Dawn Petty, Youth Soccer Coach)



At the J. Burt Gillette Athletic Complex, one of the premier soccer and little league complexes in the state, even out of state family members can watch their children play games in Wilson from the comfort of their homes. Greenlight has equipped the soccer and baseball field with live streaming capabilities.Gillette At the Southern Bank Baseball Stadium, which holds 450 spectators in the Grand Stand and 500 spectators in the outfield grass berm, visitors can follow each game live on Twitter thanks to Greenlights' internet capacity, and track game stats via the score keepers IPad score books.

Wilson's free public wifi removes any attendee worries that they might hit their cell phone data caps while engaging in these memorable family events.