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 Welcome to GreenlightTV!  

We're so excited for you to dive into your new TV experience brought to you by Greenlight. Finally experience your favorite networks without the use of a cable box and complicated installations.  All you need is Greenlights' high-speed internet and one of many supported streaming devices.  GLTV has a huge selection of HD channels and features like Cloud DVR, RestartTV and ReplayTV, as well as an extensive Video On Demand (VOD) library.  




Feature  Feature Description
 Pause Live TV  Pause & play live television
 Cloud DVR  Watch recordings anywhere with an internet connection.  Don't lose recordings with changing devices
 Replay TV  View the last 72hrs of previously aired programming(available for most networks)
 Restart TV  Restart a show from the beginning, even if it is already half over
 Video On Demand  Stream a library of shows and movies at your convenience




  • No More Set Top Boxes.  GreenlightTV is our new streaming app which eliminates the need for cable boxes and the complex wiring that is needed for set top box installations.
  • View TV On Almost Any Device.  Enjoy you favorite shows on a computer, smartphone, tablet, or many other devices, some of which you may already own.
  • Restart TV*.  Did you switch to a show but missed the first 15 minutes?  No problem!  Most of the networks on GreenlightTV have the Restart TV feature.  With Restart TV, when you change to a channel it will ask you if you would like to restart the program from the beginning.
  • Replay TV*.  Most networks on GreenlightTV have a replay section.  Browse the replay section on the GreenlightTV guide to view the last 72 hours of previous aired programming.
  • Dependable Television.  Don't be concerned with rain or clouds disrupting your viewing.  GreenlightTV is powered by your Greenlight internet connection which is transmitted by our reliable fiber network.
  • WatchTVEverywhere.  Greenlight provides residential video subscribers with access to multiple networks, including WatchESPN, Fox News, Disney and much more online. It's called WatchTVEverywhere, and it means you can watch TV shows and movies whenever and where ever you have an internet connection via the web or your mobile device.

*Not available for all channels.


Interested in signing up for GreenlightTV?

To sign up, contact Greenlight Technical Support at 252-399-2200.